Used lead-acid batteries
We buy used lead-acid batteries (including the batteries used in cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, lifting machines and other vehicles, as well as in electronic and telecommunication devices). The price is by agreement and depends on supply volume and terms. For more information, contact our purchase and sales manager
NB! Lead-acid batteries are hazardous waste, and their collection and transportation is regulated by the law, this is why the supplies of batteries to our company must conform to the requirements of the legislations.
Lead scrap
Price of lead scrap depends on the quantity and lead content in the scrap offered. We can determine lead content in scrap in our laboratory. In order to do this, it is necessary to arrange sending a sample to the company.


AS Ecometal buys the following chemicals required for production:

  • Sodium carbonate
  • Red phosphorus (powdered)
  • Anthracite coal (as in pieces of 3-10mm)
  • Metallic selenium (Se granular)
  • Metallic arsenic (as in pieces of 10-100 mm)
  • Cast iron shavings
  • Sodium hydroxide (granular)
  • Tin (ingots)
  • Antimony (ingots)
  • Sulphur (granular)
  • Copper shavings

Please send your offers to the company's purchase and sales manager.