Ecometal AS is a modern factory for recycling lead-acid batteries that was created in accordance with the principal goals of the Estonian Environmental Strategy and the Environmental Activity Plan: the development of waste management, decreasing waste production and the stimulation of recycling. Therefore, environment-friendly activity is one of our main interests and a precondition of our long-term business activities.
In order to minimize the risks to the environment our company prevents pollution through the following activities:

  • by following the laws and rules that apply to our activities;
  • by developing cooperation with authorities and other interest groups;
  • by developing energy effective production process;
  • by decreasing the amount of waste generated in the technological process;
  • by avoiding and decreasing the risks from accidents and emergencies;

Quality management is a part of integrated management system of the company, which policy is founded upon a principle of continuity. Priority of the quality policy is set on the achieving a basic goal of the company — enhancing customer satisfaction. 

The quality means for us first of all excellent quality of the production, professional approach to the clients and productive collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers, but also high-level qualification of personnel and modern management of all processes of the company.

We are committed for achieving quality objectives to:

  • keep continual relations with our consumers, determine their needs and fulfil agreed requirements;
  • establish constructive and beneficial relations with clients and suppliers of different products and services;
  • perform strict quality control of lead, lead alloys and second rate products;
  • continuously enhance professionalism of personnel and motivate them for raising their qualification
  • continuously analyse and raise the effectiveness of the management system

The quality objectives and the reduction of the environmental impact that results from our company’s activities will be achieved through the active participation of all the employees and guaranteed availability of needed resources during the constant upgrading of our environmental activities.

Our environmental policy is an official document that is available to every interested party.