• Recycling of old lead-acid batteries

    Our product are lead ingots and polypropylene garnules for battery industry

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Who are we?

AS Ecometal is a company that belongs to Net Systems Group, one of the largest circular economy groups in Estonia.

Ecometal is the only circular economy company in the Baltics that handles old lead-acid batteries from end to end by recycling secondary raw materials for new production.

The Net Systems Group also includes Weerec OÜ, located in Kiiu, which recycle waste of  electrical and electronic equipment and plastic packaging, and Höhle OÜ, a company in Rapla County that manufactures micro ducts for the installation of fiber optical cables.

Different possibilities

What do we buy?

We buy used lead-acid batteries – including for cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, forklifts and other vehicles, electronics and telecommunications …

Different possibilities

What do we sell?

The main product of the plant is refined lead with a purity up to 99.985%. We also produce a variety of lead alloys – with copper, tin, antimony and other metals as per customer orders.

Manufacturing process

OUR Technology

During the manufacturing process, the batteries are crushed and all components are handled separately. The acid is neutralized. Plastic parts are crushed, washed, regranulated and supplied to the plastics industry. Lead is smelted and refined.

The main objective

Our Environment

AS Ecometal is a modern recycling plant for lead-acid batteries, the creation of which was in line with the main objectives of the Estonian Environmental Strategy and the Estonian Environmental Action Plan: development of waste management, reduction of waste generation and stimulation of recovery. Therefore, green activities are one of our main interests and a prerequisite for long-term business.